Results for 2017 ALC Bull Sale at Gundaroo

Top Price $16,200          Sale Average $4,879          Clearance 100%

ALC 2017 Bull Sale

ALC 2017 Bull Sale

The 2017 ALC Bull Sale was very successful, with a 100% clearance for the third year in a row and a record average of $4,879.  114 bulls sold on the day ranging in price from $3,400 to $16,200.  The weather was unseasonably warm and the grass was unusually green for this time of year so the bull’s coats were shiny and they presented really well.

We are very happy with the sale result and find it gratifying to see commercial cattleman putting value on the performance and fertility data we supply on our sale bulls.  We put a huge emphasis into collecting data and analysing our herd to get meaningful data to aid us in selecting the best genetics to drive profits in our herd.

Many of our clients this year were chasing the double polled gene, of which there were two sale bulls that carried this.  They were amongst the top three bull prices for the day.  ALC16-2093 was purchased by Keith and Roxy Holzwart, Avago Station, NT for $16,200.  Aged 19 months, this bull had a Days To Calving EBV of -9.1, Scrotal Size EBV of 2.2 and Live Ex $ Index of 37, all of which are in the top 10% for the Brahman Breed.  This coupled with 4 generations of impeccable fertility data and EBV’s on the Dam’s side made for a well sort after animal on the day.

The other PP polled sale bull ALC16-1902 sold for $13,400 to Alistair and Joanne McClymont, Burleigh, Richmond.  This bull also obtained impressive fertility data on both the Dam and Sire sides as well as the sale bull its self, with a Days To Calving EBV of -8.9 and Scrotal Size EBV, Jap Ox $ Index and Live Ex $ Index all well above Breed Average.

As usual, buyers on the day were a mix of new and repeat clients.  Bidders were made up of a mix of family owned and operated commercial businesses as well as major stud and commercial pastoral companies.  There was a clear focus among the buying gallery for fertility and performance data on grass based genetics.

First time buyer Scott Harrington, Brinard Station, Julia Creek secured 12 head of ALC bulls for an average of $5,150.  Amongst his purchases, was a particularly quiet bull ALC16-1895 who enjoyed a scratch by many on the day.  This bull was well above Brahman breed average for growth, scrotal size and days to calving EBV’s as well as above average Jap Ox $ Index and Live Ex $ Index’s.

All bulls were presented straight off grass in pens of 10-17 head where buyers had plenty of time to make selections under the Helmsman Bid System.  The naturally gentle disposition of bulls saw them settle in immediately as buyers commented once again on how well the bulls handled a large crowd of people walking amongst them for the first time.

The huge demand for ALC genetics this year gives us confidence that our genetics are contributing positively throughout Australia, as low-cost production off grass, is what will keep our businesses viable into the future.

The ALC catalogue included EBV’s for DTC, SS, 200, 400 and 600 day growth on the bulls.  The same EBV’s were provided on the four generations on the Dam’s side as well fertility data such as number of calves and calving intervals.  Current raw weight and scrotal circumference was also provided on the sale bulls as well as Jap Ox $ index and Live Ex $ index’s.

The support from everybody who attended our 2017 sale is sincerely appreciated and we would like to thank you all very much.

Alf and Louise would also like to say a special thanks to the ALC team who made it all possible on the day.  They are:  Tony Carrett (manager at Tondara) for pre-sale preparations.    Joel Dawson (Brian Dawson Auctions), Phil Wieland (BDA) & Leonie Featherstone (Bacchus Downs) for running the registering and bidder board on the day.    David Howard for cooking the BBQ meats.    Wendy Collins and Alan Semler for preparing and running the canteen.    Heath, Tom and Ellie Collins for sacrificing their school holidays to prepare for the bull sale.    The day would not have been the success it was without your valuable input.

Best Regards, Alf and Louise Collins.