Our ALC bull sale for 2020 will be held on property “Gundaroo” Nebo on Friday 3rd July.  Inspections from 8am with a 10am start. 

The sale will be conducted via Helmsman Auction onsite and interfaced with AuctionsPlus online simultaneous bidding.  This means that all bulls will be on offer for the duration of the sale and the sale will end according to a timer countdown. 

Please note, to maximize social distancing and for logistical reasons, we require all interested buyers (onsite & online) to register to bid prior to 27th June.

Sale Bulls

This year’s sale will consist of over 130 bulls, many of which are either polled or scurred.  They are well grown, in good condition and are ready for work.  As usual, the bulls will be presented straight off grass (no grain or crop).  All bulls will have four generations of female fertility data available as well as age of puberty and scrotal measurement.  EBV’s for growth, scrotal size and days to calving are also presented.  All bulls are sire verified, poll tested, semen and morphology tested, and WA eligible (J-BAS score 7).

Sale Format

On Friday 3rd July bulls will be sold under the Helmsman Auction as done in previous year’s however this year, due to possible travel restrictions, we will also be offering an online bidding option through AuctionsPlus.

Bidding on sale day (3/7/20) will commence simultaneously from 10am to 12 O’clock with no timer countdown.  This gives buyers plenty of time to either walk through the pens of bulls or view video’s online, whilst analysing the data supplied, without pressure.  Bids in multiples of the minimum bid amount of $250 will be in place for the duration of the sale.

Lunch will be offered from 12 O’clock to 12:30pm.  No bids will be accepted during this time.

From 12:30pm the sale will recommence in simultaneous bid format still, however a timer countdown will be in place.  The clock will start at 5 minutes, then after some time will reduce to 2 minutes then 1 minute then 30 seconds.  If any bull is bid on during a specific countdown timeframe, the clock is then restarted for that countdown timeframe.  If no bulls are bid on during any allocated countdown timeframe, then the sale is officially closed.

The sale is anticipated to conclude by 1:30pm.  This format would therefore mean that all bulls lotted will be open for bidding until sale closure which is determined by the timer countdown system.

Bidding onsite “Gundaroo” Nebo on sale day

The bulls will be ready for inspection from 8am for a 10am start.  Morning/afternoon tea and lunch will be provided on sale day.  As already mentioned, all persons would have already ideally registered to bid.  Further details on registering are below.  On arrival, please go to the registry table to collect a catalogue, bidder cards and bidder number.  Videos of each lot along with the catalogue will be available to view the week prior to the sale on the AuctionsPlus website for those who wish to do some homework prior to attending the sale.  A printable version of the catalogue will also be available for download from both the AuctionsPlus website as well as the ALC Brahmans website the week prior to the sale.  For bulk buyers, a maximum of 10 bids can be listed on the one bidder card and submitted however this is the maximum that will be accepted due to the logistics of up-dating both onsite as well as online bidder boards in a timely manner.

For more information on reading ALC bull catalogues click on link above.

For a list of accommodation nearby and directions to Gundaroo, please click on above link.

Absentee Bidding on sale day

If you can’t attend the sale and you don’t want to bid online, please contact Alf and Louise on (07) 4956 8385 so we can organise for someone to bid onsite on your behalf.

Bidding online through AuctionPlus on sale day

As stated above, videos of each lot along with the catalogue will be available to view the week prior to the sale on the AuctionsPlus website for those who wish to do some homework prior to sale day.  A printable PDF catalogue will also be available for download from a link on both AuctionsPlus and ALC Brahmans websites the week prior to the sale.  For more information on reading ALC bull catalogues click on link above.  If you choose to bid online, you are required to register to bid with both ALC Brahmans as well as AuctionsPlus.  Further details on registering are below.

On sale day (3rd July) you can either manually bid or you can set up Auto-Bidding whereby the computer places the bids for you up to the limit you enter in your parameters on each lot.  These limit amounts can still be altered throughout the sale.  Auto Bids can be turned off on particular lots also throughout the sale.  You can also set up Auto Bidding on some lots then manually bid on other lots on sale day.  A video showing how to bid can be found on the following link: AuctionsPlus demonstration video on how to bid online

Pre-bidding online through AuctionPlus 1st and 2nd July

Bidders can set their computers to bid online through AuctionsPlus during the pre-bidding period of 1st and 2nd July.  This option, called Limit Bids, is available for anyone regardless of your intention to bid on sale day onsite or online.  Once you have set up an account and registered to bid, the next step is to set your parameter (top price you’re prepared to pay) for each interested lot.  Then over the two days of pre-bidding, the computer will bid for you up to the limit you have set.  At any time during the two days of pre-bidding, you can change your limits on specific lots or set the computer to start bidding on other lots by entering new parameters.  For any enquiries regarding the logistics of pre-bidding, please contact the AuctionsPlus team on (02) 9262 4222.  Pre-bidding will be of immense advantage on sale day as you will have had time to look for other options if some of your first pick lots have already reached your limit by sale day.  A video showing how to set Limit Bids can be found on the following link: AuctionsPlus demonstration video on how to bid online

Register to bid prior to 27th June 2020 for online and onsite bidders please

To minimise contact on sale day, we ask that everyone planning on attending ALC Brahmans Bull Sale to please register to bid prior to 27th June via email to louise@alcbrahmans.com.au with the following details:

Your name, trading name, residential address, postal address, best landline contact number, mobile number. 

Also please tell us:  If you don’t already receive the ALC Brahmans Newsletter and you would like to. 

If the bulls will be going to a tick free area and require dipping. 

If you would like Alf to organise transport of your bull/s to your area. 

Your PIC#.

If you intend on bidding online, please also email Louise the above details however you will also need to register with AuctionsPlus before 27th June.  To bid online, you will be required to set up an account, agree to the terms outlined on the AuctionsPlus website, do a quiz, and watch the demonstration videos on how to bid and navigate the website.  Allow 1 hour for this process then you should receive confirmation within 48 hours that you are now an approved buyer.  For help, please contact the AuctionsPlus team on (02) 9262 4222.

Limited/no internet access

If you do not have internet access, please feel free to contact Louise or Alf for more information, to discuss which bulls will best suit your requirements or a catalogue to be posted to you.

Being COVID-19 aware/proactive

We all have to do our bit to prevent the spread of Coronavirus so please do not attend the sale if you have cold/flu symptoms.  If you are sick, please view the videos of each lot from the AuctionsPlus website and if you’re still unsure, then send a friend to inspect the bulls on your behalf.  This will give you the confidence to then bid online.  Onsite at the Auction shed, we will have a handwashing basin, paper towel and sanitizer provided.

Stud Operators

Bulls are sold as herd bulls (un-registered) unless arranged otherwise prior to the auction commencing at 10am.  If you are a stud enterprise, please mention this to Louise upon arrival on sale day and you will be given further information regarding possible registration and transfer of ownership of bulls.

Who to contact?

We will not be using a selling agent for the 2020 Bull Sale so any questions regarding the catalogued information or how the sale will be run on property/site should be directed to Alf or Louise Collins – ALC Brahmans.  Louise Collins (07) 4956 8385 or Alf Collins 0438 356 050.  However, if your question is regarding bidding online, in this instance, please contact the AuctionsPlus team on (02) 9262 4222.