Breeding Objectives

ALC Breeding Objectives are as follows:

  1. FERTILITY – All breeders wean and rebreed (while lactating) every year.
  2. TEMPERAMENT – Breed naturally quiet cattle without the need of excessive handling.
  3. MUSCLEING – Breed cattle that muscle consistently on any available form of nutrition.
  4. SURVIVABILITY – Cows must rear calves with NO assistance.  Breed cattle that do well in any given environment at low cost.
  5. GROWTH – Produce cattle that grow rapidly with moderate frame size.  (Growth equal’s intake)
  6. LOW COST – Breed cattle that work hard for us to produce a profit with minimal inputs.
  7. PREDICTABILITY – Have accurate reporting and analysis systems to take out the guess work.
  8. Assure all the above is accomplished in an enjoyable working environment for all people involved.

The total ALC herd is recorded on Brahman Breedplan with very high accuracy due to many generations of animals recorded on the system since the inception of Brahman Breedplan.