“In an unpredictable environment, it makes management a lot easier using predictable genetics in a management system that reaps the rewards.”
Alf Collins Jnr

ALC is currently multiple joining 1,700 stud females over the three properties at Nebo, Bowen and Blackall and all progeny are DNA Sire and Dam verified and performance recorded through Breedplan.  ALC also joins 1,200 commercial females between the Bowen and Blackall properties.

We use every scientific and management tool available that is relevant to earning margins in a practical beef business.

  • Speed of Reproduction
  • Dry season mating while lactating
  • Unassisted births and suckling
  • No chemical interventions for flies, ticks, worms etc
  • Large groups in each analysis
  • Heavy castration of males after whole herd data is completed